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Traditional kilt / jacket fitting pop-up in London

From March 10th-18th, our friends at MacGregor and MacDuff are bringing an exclusive, authentic Scottish kilt fitting experience to the heart of London. There’s no need for grooms, groomsmen or gents looking for a jacket to go with their bespoke Skilts to travel to North of the border as they are bringing this exclusive service direct to your doorstep at their Shoreditch pop-up.

Check it out.  If you go please let them know Skilt sent you.  You may even get a bit of a discount.

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Noel is “always a Fusilier” his Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Skilt


The Royal Fusiliers were originally formed from two companies of the Tower of London guard, and called the Ordnance Regiment. Most regiments were equipped with matchlock muskets at the time, but the Ordnance Regiment were armed with flintlock fusils. This was because their task was to be an escort for the artillery, for which matchlocks would have carried the risk of igniting the open-topped barrels of gunpowder.

Drop us a line if you would like us to make a Skilt in your regiment’s colours.

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Christopher may go to Gran Canaria in his pink Skilt


A few days ago a chap called Christopher enquired about the possibility of making a pink Skilt for his holiday in Gran Canaria.  Absolutely we can.

Christopher, if you are reading this now my emails are being returned from the address you provided.  Can you please get back in touch with me: