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Imitation Skilts

They say that imitation is a form of flattery, well, I’m flattered.  Many thanks to Bruce for bringing these jokers (are there more??) to my attention.

I’m offended by the punctuation in Kiltailor‘s “Utility Kilt For Active Men’s”.

I notice that Royal Kilt likes the denim design so much they list it twice: an ordinary one cut out in photoshop and a “stylish” version (presumably due to the presence of my legs).

Euro Kilt‘s Union Flag “Sublimation” kilt is a bit of a mystery.  According to Freud sublimation is the process of transforming libido into “socially useful” achievements, including artistic, cultural and intellectual pursuits.  I can only assume they don’t have much libido to transform if their socially useful pursuits involve ripping off other designers.  Can someone please order one so we can see what a dog’s breakfast they make of it?

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  1. Your creativity is unmatched, and it’s a shame to see others resorting to imitation. The genuine artistry in your designs stands out, making these imitations pale in comparison. Keep rocking those kilts!

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