Bespoke kilts / Made to order service

We offer a made to order service for out of stock kilts, non-standard size kilts, or anything special that you may have in mind.

If we have the fabric in stock then we generally charge the same price as the corresponding off-the-peg Skilt and you can order from the shop.  For anything else please drop us a line to discuss it and get a quote.

If you have found some awesome fabric and, perhaps, some interesting fasteners then we can cut, make and trim a kilt for you.  Depending upon the pattern on the fabric one Skilt takes 3.5 – 5 metres of 1.5m wide fabric.

If you would like us to try to source the fabric for you then we have a number of wholesale suppliers we can call on.  This can involve quite a bit of faffing around and so we charge extra for this service.

We may also charge extra for complex designs (applique, piping, hidden pleats, etc) or sizes above XL.

In addition to kilts we can make you matching waistcoats.  We don’t make jackets but our friends at MacGregor and MacDuff have a good range available and may give you a discount if you mention Skilt sent you.  We would also be happy to coordinate fabric and fastenings with a local tailor of your choice.

Number of kilts Price per kilt – you supply the fabric Price per kilt – we supply the fabric
One £250 £350 (+ cost of fabric)
Two £225 £275 (+ cost of fabric)
Three £200 £230 (+ cost of fabric)
Five £180 £200 (+ cost of fabric)
Ten + Call for price Call for price

Made to order kilts are usually ready in about 28 days depending on any deadlines you may have and how busy our tailors are.