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Jonathan is edgy in his biker Skilt

Hi Richard.
I just thought you might like to see the effect of ‘those edges’ in a nightclub setting!!
Like something JPG could have designed for Fifth Element!!
Best wishes from Sitges.

reflective kilt


Nick is feeling reflective in his biker Skilt

Nick is reflective in his kiltThe The biker Skilt … not just for biking!

Bagpipes and breakdancing

Here is a great video from our friends at Wild Biscuit.

MOVE is a live show from Wild Biscuit, fusing Scots piping with hip hop B-Boy, funk & jazz.  Like their facebook page here

The band are all wearing black biker Skilts with featuring reflective piping stitched into every pleat:

Wild biscuit pipers and drummers, jazz, funk, hip hop dancing, and fabulous reflective kilts

If you are anywhere near Glasgow this weekend then check these guys out (you’ll recognise them … they are the ones in awesome reflective kilts):