Skilt owners

Noel is “always a Fusilier” his Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Skilt


The Royal Fusiliers were originally formed from two companies of the Tower of London guard, and called the Ordnance Regiment. Most regiments were equipped with matchlock muskets at the time, but the Ordnance Regiment were armed with flintlock fusils. This was because their task was to be an escort for the artillery, for which matchlocks would have carried the risk of igniting the open-topped barrels of gunpowder.

Drop us a line if you would like us to make a Skilt in your regiment’s colours.


Marilyn is coming back in a Skilt

Remember ’80s pop star Marilyn?  You know, Boy George’s mate?  Well, he’s on the way back and this time he’s wearing a Skilt!



Nick is getting physical in his bespoke sports kilt

sports kilt


Julian is looking dashing in his George Cross Skilt

Julian in his Skilt


Tony is the most colourful person in the world in his Skilt


Christopher may go to Gran Canaria in his pink Skilt


A few days ago a chap called Christopher enquired about the possibility of making a pink Skilt for his holiday in Gran Canaria.  Absolutely we can.

Christopher, if you are reading this now my emails are being returned from the address you provided.  Can you please get back in touch with me:


Michal has bin ein Berliner in his Skilt

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As I promised – few pics in my fantastic Skilt 🙂 I’ve been on FOLSOM in Berlin in this kilt and people reacted very well… Three or four people openly asked for producer and of course I sent them to your website.
25th I will wear it during gala concert of International Chopin Piano Competition. It will be in Wrocław… I think it will be a reason for gossips :)) I love (S)kilts ;))
With all the best…

Jonathan is edgy in his biker Skilt

Hi Richard.
I just thought you might like to see the effect of ‘those edges’ in a nightclub setting!!
Like something JPG could have designed for Fifth Element!!
Best wishes from Sitges.

reflective kilt

Tim is enthusiastic in his Skilt

Stoked to receive this comment from a customer who describes himself as ‘very satisfied’.  Thanks Tim.

After several centuries of brainwashing to the contrary, ordinary men throughout the western world are beginning to realise that the wearing of skirt type garments is practical, logical, and extremely comfortable. So why the hell not do it?

And if it’s a skirt type garment you’re after that looks great on a bloke – you’ve come to the right place! This wide selection of exquisitely tailored ‘skilts’ is, I reckon, about the best in the world. Each pleat is individually cut to a broad flare and sewn so the whole thing hangs beautifully from your waist. What you see in the pictures is what you get. 
I bought three: 
Indigo denim kiltDENIM – rough and tough as any pair of Levis I ever wore to work (but with the added advantage it will never wear out at the knees or pockets)
SONY DSCCORDUROY – same as above, but softer and cosy warm. If you’re off on a days hike down on the coast with your lunch and a hip flask you’d be an absolute idiot not to don one of these!
Black Flock KiltBLACK FLOCK – if you think this one LOOKS stunning…you should FEEL what it’s like to wear. BLOODY HELL!! I guarantee you will never, EVER, want to take it off!

Dave has a nice cup of tea in his new kitty Skilt

Kitten Cat Kilt

And a toe curling brew it looks to be too.  Check out all the old school exercise equipment in the background.  It turns out that Dave runs the London Longsword Academy.  So if you ever need to take revenge against a six fingered man … you know where to go for training.

The Godfrey clan support the English rugby team in their Skilts

English Rugby kilts

Sadly, despite all this support, Ireland beat England 19 : 9. Next time!

Nick is feeling reflective in his biker Skilt

Nick is reflective in his kiltThe The biker Skilt … not just for biking!

Stefan stays modest in his new Skilt

Stefan in his kilt

New customer Stefan from Sweden demonstrating two features of the Skilt: the moveable and removable pockets, and the way the front apron hangs between the legs to protect your modesty.  He seems pretty happy with the service too:

“The kilt arrived today. It’s absolutely gorgeous and the size is perfect.
Thanks for fast delivery and good service. The weekend is saved :)”

Good on you Stefan – and good luck with your Skilt wearing in the Swedish winter!

If you like kilts in general and our Skilts in particular please consider liking some of these pages to help other kilt fans find them.  🙂

Nick wears his kilt every day for Movember

As you probably know Movember is the mens’ health charity.  All around the world men, most of whom are usually clean shaven, grow a moustache from scratch during the month of November in order to raise awareness and cash.

Multiple Skilt owner Nick FfFoulkes has gone one better.  In addition to growing the tache, he is wearing a Skilt every day as he works as a kitchen fitter.  He’s not wearing a plain Skilt either … but one with kitties on it (ahh!)

Please show your support for mens’ health and Nick by sponsoring him here.

Nice one Nick!

We sponsored him … hopefully you will too

Kristian and friends hit Nice in their Skilts

Loving the kilts! The most comfortable thing i’ve ever worn! About to hit Nice and spread the word (i’m in the steampunk on right)!  Hope to do a custom one in collaboration with Tom Baker (NOT Ted)
Kind regards
Kilts in Nice

Dr Franz wears his Skilt hiking in the Bavarian Alps

Apparently it wasn’t just the cows who were showing an interest!

Hiking kilt Hiking kilt


Mark hard at work in his Skilt

Mark working in his kilt blog

Greg rocks Paris in his black cord Skilt

Greg in his black cord kilt

According to Greg though Paris may be regarded by many as the fashion capital of the world Parisiens are not so confident when it comes to wearing what they design. “You’ve got London for that” he says.  Greg’s just been back to pick out his second Skilt: another black one but with fire insert pleats.  We are sure he’ll set Paris alight.

Maik from Germany wears his Mexican Skilt to make Mexican Food

Why have hamburgers in Hamburg when you can have Mexican at El Pikosito?

Olympic Madness – Lee Thompson flys his Skilt at the closing ceremony

What an honour to see Lee Thompson, the saxophonist from Madness, in his St George Cross kilt at the Olympic closing ceremony last night.  Looks like the Englishness may have been an issue though as a couple of small Union Flags had been stitched onto the front.  Wish we’d had the opportunity to provide him with a Union Flag kilt instead.  Hopefully the George Cross one will be returned to its full glory for future gigs.

Check out this video at 9’20”