Classic Skilt – features and sizing

Dress it up with a jacket or down with a t-shirt – the Classic Skilt is a versatile garment equally at home at a festival or the most glamourous of parties.


The Classic Skilt is a narrow apron contemporary kilt with symetrical knife pleats and detachable pockets

It fastens with press studs on the front apron and is held in place by a belt (not supplied)
‘Floating pleats’ offer a massive amount of waist adjustment on each side. They are fastened with velcro at the waist and a leather strap at the hip The front apron flops between your legs while sitting
Skilt contains in the region of 5.8 m (6.3 yards) of fabric. All the pleats are individually sewn in so they will never fall out
Pockets can be worn on the sides or ‘sporran style’ at the front Or you can buy a sporran (not supplied) and wear that instead. Note that a belt is always worn as this covers the velcro on the waistband The pockets are 18cm wide – big enough for books and beer bottles. The pocket attaches to velcro over the top of the floating pleat prior to being secured by a belt


The off the peg Skilts are all a standard 22.5 inches (57 cm) long.  This length looks good on most guys.  Rather than the standard ‘on your knees’ approach to checking kilt length we recommend that you get a towel, fold it over so it 22.5 inches long, and then wrap it around you where you would like the waist band to be.  Look at your reflection from a fair distance or get someone to take a photograph so you can see where the length will be relative to your knees.  There is no ‘right’ length.  If you like it then that’s perfect.

The waists are very adjustable and the sizes overlap.  When deciding which to order please actually measure your waist at the place you would like the waistband to be.  If you don’t have a tailor’s measuring tape you can use the towel to wrap around you and then measure it flat.  (Do not assume that the size in your trousers are accurate … they usually flatter.)

Size Waist / cm Waist / inches Length / cm Length / inches
Small / Medium 80 – 97 31 – 38 57 22.5
Medium / Large 91 – 111 36 – 44 57 22.5
Extra Large 100 – 123 39 – 48 57 22.5

If you require a different length or waist size then please let us know … if we still have fabric on the roll we can make you one to order.

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7 thoughts on “Classic Skilt – features and sizing

  1. I just found this site and your offerings are wonderful! All photos are great as well. I am forwarding your info to all my contacts. Love your site, Sandy Davis Swain

    1. Hi Sandy,

      Thanks very much on all counts!

      All the best,


  2. What a day Got my first kilt AND what a kilt the quality is mind blowing All I can say is my SKILT has made my year
    So if you see the man at the scooter venues with a skilt on and a BIG BIG smile on his face that will be me

    To Richard

  3. I am trying to find some where that I can hire a Union Jack kilt for the better together campaign can anyone help me a desperate I have seen it but cannot afford to buy it hope some one can help

  4. “There’s no right length”? Thousands of Highlanders must be wrong then eh?

  5. Good evening,
    I am looking at purchasing a Black wallpaper flock kilt; however, I require some additional information.
    Firstly, can you confirm what material the cloth is made from?
    From my waist I would require a drop of 25 inches. Would there be additional cost involved?
    Lastly, if I were to order the kilt tomorrow (Thursday, 28th April) what is the earliest it could be dispatched to me?

    Yours truly,


    1. Hi John,

      I don’t know exactly what it’s made of. The backing seems like a cotton mix and the flocking is velvety. I can send you a sample if you like?

      Yes we can make you a longer one. No extra charge as it is a fabric I have in stock.

      I usually say to allow a month or so for orders but if there is an event you are aiming for I can normally pull a few strings (i.e. provide some donuts) at the workshop to get a job bumped up the queue.



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