Kilts for men

Why wear a kilt?


No tight trouser tubes squeezing your legs or anything else.  With a kilt you are free.


When was the last time you looked forward to going out in a pair of trousers?  In a kilt you make new friends wherever you go.


Who doesn't think a man in a kilt is sexy?  Are you ready for the attention?


Our kilts have massive removable pockets and a waistband that can grow and shrink as you do.


Our kilts feature designer fabrics, reflective piping, hidden pleats, applique, and corozo buttons.


Our kilts are designed, built, and tested in the East End of London using locally sourced ingredients

A kilt is for everyman

You don't have to be a model with a six pack to look good a kilt. We believe that you should wear what you like and if other people like it too then great.

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