Kilts for men

Welcome to Skilt

Modern kilts for the man of the world.

Designed, built, and tested in the East End of London.

Why wear a kilt?

Comfortable: No tight trouser tubes squeezing your legs or anything else.  With a kilt you are free.

Fun: When was the last time you looked forward to going out in a pair of trousers?  In a kilt you make new friends wherever you go.

Sexy: Are you ready for all the attention?

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Why wear a modern kilt?

Even more comfortable: Traditional wool fabrics can be itchy on the skin.  Modern fabrics are easier to wear.

Practical: A traditional sporran looks great but most of them are quite small.  A pair of pockets have the capacity for all your everyday carry items.

Why wear a Skilt?

Flexible: Our pockets are removable without trace so you can still wear a sporran for more formal occasions.  Our waistband incorporates seven inches of adjustment to accommodate your changing waistline.

Stylish: Our kilts feature designer fabrics, reflective piping, hidden pleats, applique, and corozo buttons.

Kilt slideshow
Kilt slideshow

Is it OK for me to wear one?

Inspirational: When you have the courage to express yourself you inspire other men to do the same.

What else should I consider?

Responsible: We source our materials locally using fabric roll ends where possible.  We pay our London makers at a fair London rate.  Richard cuts the straps himself and does most of the fetching and carrying by bicycle.

Skilt: Made in London for the man of the world