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Order out of Skilt chaos

2015-07-16 16.01.41

After years of having garment rails in my lounge I now have a dedicated wardrobe for clients to browse.  One of every stye and size of Skilt available – all neat and tidy.  Next time you are in London why not come over and have a look?

2 thoughts on “Order out of Skilt chaos

  1. Wearing my Skilt with pride!… Loving it dashing tweed.

  2. you replied to me on my wordpress thingy but it wont let me reply to you……reason unknown…………so, your question, where do I live? I live in Hinckley, a small town near Leicester, UK…………I have two kilts already, love em, your skilts look like something I could wear everyday in my taxi, if they are cheap enough……..

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