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Skilt gets men to rock the punk look

Hi Richard,

Thought I would drop you a line to let you know that I was really impressed by your show at Alternative Fashion Week and have given it a mention in my article on along with a link to your website. You can check out the article here.




Satisfied customer: Jens


Jens here.

I wanna say a big thanks for the kilt it was really nice..

I will wear this one with great pride….

Best regards



Best responses when someone informs you that ‘that’s not a real / proper kilt’

How do you know?

I agree, it’s a completely un-real kilt

I agree, it’s a completely¬†im-proper¬†kilt

I assume by the trousers that you’re English … (they probably aren’t)

My other kilt’s a (enter tartan here), I use this one for town … it has more luggage space and gets better milage



Best reasons to wear a kilt

No need to unzip a kilt in the bathroom (think ‘There’s Something About Mary’!)

Kilt checks!

Skilts have roomy pockets that do not move when your legs do

Women check out men in kilts

Gay men check out men in kilts (even if it’s not your bag a complement is a complement)

Straight men check out men in kilts and admire you for having the balls to wear one

It’s better to run away with your kilt up than get caught with your pants down!

As Braveheart says: ‘Freedom!’

It would be selfish to keep those calves to yourself

Women are attracted to confidence and it takes confidence to wear a kilt

Kilts are great to dance in: plenty of ball room!

Kilts make people wonder

Best answers for ‘Are you wearing anything under your kilt?’


Boots and socks

Nothing, it’s all well lubricated

Richard’s favourite: Just how curious are you? (wink!)