Shipping / postage charges

Postage cost

Shipping is calculated on a fixed rate basis.  If you order more than one kilt at once then we pay for the extra shipping in order to give you a “thank you” discount.

All kilts are sent out in a branded garment carrier and the packages are tracked and insured.  Our rates are:

  • UK – Special Delivery – £11
  • Europe – £18
  • Rest of the world – £34.15 (based on USA shipping cost)

We don’t aim to make money off shipping.  It often costs a little bit more than we charge.

If you are buying from outside of the UK your country may make additional charges for import duty and other taxes.  Sorry about that.  Blame the politicians for not making free trade agreements.

If you are only ordering a small item (e.g. a pair of socks) please drop us a line and we’ll create a special invoice for you so you don’t pay the full postage rate.