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Skirts set to be ‘manliest’ accessory | FJORDE MAGAZINE

A man skirt can only be pulled off if teamed with chunky shoes, a dark top, and for those less adventurous, pants. The key is to keep it masculine and strong and not have the skirt as the outfit’s centerpiece.

It’s about time men threw off their fashion social shackles, took off their pants and put on a skirt! It’s much more liberating, and isn’t this precisely what we women fought for when we wanted to wear pants? Ironically, Paris revoked a 200-year-old law only three days ago, which stipulated women can’t wear pants in public unless given permission by authorities. This absurd law obviously wasn’t followed or enforced, but the symbolism of women’s rights not being supported in Parisian law was enough for the people to force a change.

In the same way, men wearing skirts isn’t about men adding to their wardrobe or being edgy, it’s about receiving the same freedoms as women enjoy in fashion. It’s certainly not about being constrained to socially approved, preconceived notions of what a man should look and dress like. Bottom line is if you want to wear a skirt in public, there shouldn’t be a single thing stopping you.

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  1. only 102 years ago, in the Netherlands, a law gave women, the right, to wear skirts and dresses, only when, they wear a pair of throusers underneith. From the 1950 ‘s they took over, wearing, petty-coats, suspenders, nylon-stockings, and so on.Let’s say the american way.
    The african print-kilt, is one of the most beautiful kilts,from SKILTS, i own, and very soon i send you pictures, of my brandnew, steam punk kilt, made in leather,
    A KILT, is one of the most confortable, suits to wear, therefore; the last time, i bought a pair of throusers, was about four years ago.
    Worldwide, more than 60% of the male-population wear a un-devided male-garment,.
    Who can argue, about these facts?
    I just wear KILTS.
    Willem The Netherlands

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