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The kilt is to the emancipation of men as trousers were to the emancipation of women

Men's emancipation kilt t-shirt

We believe that, in addition to looking and feeling great, the kilt is a symbol of the mature masculine.  A mature man is a man who has faced his emotions, stood up, and freed himself from the social expectations of the old fashioned macho man.

Kate Luck explores the relationship between trousers and feminism in the book ‘The Gendered Object‘:

‘In 1851, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Amelia Bloomer, two leading American feminist writers and activists, appeared in the streets of Seneca Falls in a costume which consisted of a sack coat, a loose-waisted dress which fell only to the knees and a pair of draped trousers, gathered at the ankle.  Almost immediately they became the focus of a fierce debate about dress and gender which was carried on in the press, and in private homes, all across America.  Stanton and Bloomer had challenged the presumption that only man should wear trousers and that woman’s proper garment was the skirt, a presumption so deep-seated that it had acquired the status of ‘natural’ law.’

I believe that, for many men, venturing out in a kilt involves the same level of courage and makes a similarly important challenge to the natural law of men’s proper garment being trousers.  When we wear our kilts people are confronted with their preconceptions and nudged into considering what it is to be a real man.

2 thoughts on “The kilt is to the emancipation of men as trousers were to the emancipation of women

  1. I Wear a Kilt since 2 and a half year. Last week i ordered number 9 at Skilts company.
    I do my shopping, go to hospital at the specialist, theatre, every day all the time, in my kilt.
    I wonder, does anybody, have an idea, how many men in the world today, are wearing Kilts, Dhotys, Kaftans, Sarongs, or outher kind of garments, that are unbyfurcated?
    Let me know please, because I am interrested in what your opinion is.

  2. A real man isn’t a sheeple. A body builder who claims to be manly in his trousers is less manly than an average guy wearing a kilt without having his masculinity questioned. 🙂

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