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Satisfied customer: Willem from the Netherlands is loving the reactions to his new Skilt

Willem popping down to the village centre in his new safari print Skilt

On 15 September 2011 we were delighted to receive this poetic note of thanks from Willem in the Netherlands:

Silence comes most of the time, when something hits you.!!!!

This afternoon, the mail man was ringing at the doorbell. He delivered a parcel. It’s the brown big safari cat-kilt.

The way the parcel was delivered, is more than a royal treatment.

This kilt was wrapped in a special cloth- container, where it is stored away, dust and light-free.

Then I changed kilt, and was so thrilled, I went to the village- center for shopping.

There were more than 8 reactions from men and women, and all of them were very positive.

This safari-Kilt is a very new part in my KILT-Wearing, comfortable, beautiful Flock-print, soft cloth and a very comfortable way of wearing.

It fits and feels better, than a suit.( Sorry to say, gentlemen)

No doubt about it, want quality ? BUY SKILTS.!!!!

With kind regards,

W,Jansen, The Netherlands.