Haitian Flag Kilt



We made this one as a special order for a client but we could always do it again.

The central crest was harvested from a flag bought from Amazon.  When it arrived the central crest was a bit bigger than we expected so we ordered a smaller flag and the central crest was … bigger.  To accommodate the smaller of the large crests we had to make the front apron a bit wider than usual.

The national flag of Haiti is a bicolour flag featuring two horizontal bands coloured blue and red, defaced by a white panel bearing the coat of arms. The coat of arms depicts a trophy of weapons atop a green hill, ready to defend freedom, and a royal palm symbolizing independence. The palm is topped by the Cap of Liberty. The motto L’Union Fait La Force (“Unity Makes Strength”) appears on a white ribbon below the arrangement.

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S/M (made to order), M/L (made to order), XL (made to order)


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