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Greg rocks Paris in his black cord Skilt

Greg in his black cord kilt

According to Greg though Paris may be regarded by many as the fashion capital of the world Parisiens are not so confident when it comes to wearing what they design. “You’ve got London for that” he says.  Greg’s just been back to pick out his second Skilt: another black one but with fire insert pleats.  We are sure he’ll set Paris alight.

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Olympic Madness – Lee Thompson flys his Skilt at the closing ceremony

What an honour to see Lee Thompson, the saxophonist from Madness, in his St George Cross kilt at the Olympic closing ceremony last night.  Looks like the Englishness may have been an issue though as a couple of small Union Flags had been stitched onto the front.  Wish we’d had the opportunity to provide him with a Union Flag kilt instead.  Hopefully the George Cross one will be returned to its full glory for future gigs.

Check out this video at 9’20”

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Satisfied customer: Jaakko from Finland plays mandolin in his Skilt

The kilt was made using some of our last grey flannel fabric and features a panel of Dashing Tweed at the back.

The instrument is an octave mandolin a.k.a. short scale bouzouki.

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Satisfied customer: Willem from the Netherlands is loving the reactions to his new Skilt

Willem popping down to the village centre in his new safari print Skilt

On 15 September 2011 we were delighted to receive this poetic note of thanks from Willem in the Netherlands:

Silence comes most of the time, when something hits you.!!!!

This afternoon, the mail man was ringing at the doorbell. He delivered a parcel. It’s the brown big safari cat-kilt.

The way the parcel was delivered, is more than a royal treatment.

This kilt was wrapped in a special cloth- container, where it is stored away, dust and light-free.

Then I changed kilt, and was so thrilled, I went to the village- center for shopping.

There were more than 8 reactions from men and women, and all of them were very positive.

This safari-Kilt is a very new part in my KILT-Wearing, comfortable, beautiful Flock-print, soft cloth and a very comfortable way of wearing.

It fits and feels better, than a suit.( Sorry to say, gentlemen)

No doubt about it, want quality ? BUY SKILTS.!!!!

With kind regards,

W,Jansen, The Netherlands.