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Draught guidance: a kilt need underwear – Telegraph

The Scottish Tartans Authority has decreed that refusing to put on underwear beneath a kilt is “childish and unhygienic”.

It also warned that “going commando” flies in the face of decency.

Tartans Authority director Brian Wilton said kilt wearers should have the “common sense” to realise they should wear underwear beneath their country’s national dress.

He said “The idea that you are not a real Scot unless you are bare under your kilt should be thrown into the same wastepaper basket as the idea that you’re not a real Scot unless you put salt on your porridge.

“People should not be browbeaten into believing that nonsense. Just because Highlanders wore nothing in the days before Y-fronts were invented doesn’t mean that we, in the 21st Century, should wear nothing too.

via Draught guidance: a kilt need underwear – Telegraph.

My thoughts:

Can’t say that I agree.  I recommend that London kilts are worn with uncommon indecency!

Tip: if you are concerned about hygiene simply safety pin a piece of fabric to the inside of the front apron.  You can change it as often as you like without needing to wash the whole kilt.

4 thoughts on “Draught guidance: a kilt need underwear – Telegraph

  1. Unless you are incontinent I don`t see how hygiene comes into it.

  2. Very much a matter of personal choice. Commando is traditional but underwear is usually worn for dancing and at Highland Games. Also woollen kilts can be very harsh on the “crown jewels” (I speak from personal experience!). On the other hand I find that most underwear is just uncomfortable under a kilt so I would go command when I can. I like the suggestion of a removal lining – is it something that could be incorporated into your kilt designs?

    1. “removable lining” LOL

    2. I’ll probably leave the removable lining as a homemade optional extra. Not sure it would be much of a selling point. Thanks for the idea though.

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