British / Union Jack / Union Flag Kilt



This is the most complex and eye-catching kilt we have ever made: a Union Flag that wraps around the pleats of the kilt.  It is so eye catching that you can expect to be stopped in the street by admirers and those asking for photographs.  It comes with the usual set of detachable pockets in blue.

The design of the garment looks simple at first glance but it is much more complex than a folded flag.  Every single pleat has it’s own pattern and is individually made with the red and white components cut from fabric and stitched on with a close zig-zag.  Finally the completed pleats are stitched together and the waistband and other pieces are added.  The whole process takes our tailors in the region of 4 days to complete.

Now served with natural leather straps as the black ones were at risk of dropping dye onto the light fabric.

Please order in plenty of time and be prepared to be patient.  It’ll be worth it!

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