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Satisfied customer: Willem from the Netherlands is loving the reactions to his new Skilt

Willem popping down to the village centre in his new safari print Skilt

On 15 September 2011 we were delighted to receive this poetic note of thanks from Willem in the Netherlands:

Silence comes most of the time, when something hits you.!!!!

This afternoon, the mail man was ringing at the doorbell. He delivered a parcel. It’s the brown big safari cat-kilt.

The way the parcel was delivered, is more than a royal treatment.

This kilt was wrapped in a special cloth- container, where it is stored away, dust and light-free.

Then I changed kilt, and was so thrilled, I went to the village- center for shopping.

There were more than 8 reactions from men and women, and all of them were very positive.

This safari-Kilt is a very new part in my KILT-Wearing, comfortable, beautiful Flock-print, soft cloth and a very comfortable way of wearing.

It fits and feels better, than a suit.( Sorry to say, gentlemen)

No doubt about it, want quality ? BUY SKILTS.!!!!

With kind regards,

W,Jansen, The Netherlands.

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Satisfied customer: Stephen thinks his army Skilt is brilliant


All I can say is fantastic. Fit is great, wife is impressed, daughter likes, the whole thing is brilliant. Was planing for the first outing to be the Army v Navy game in May but now looking for any excuse to be able to wear it.

I will get the wife to take some photos soon, she wants to put them on her Facebook, and I will send them to you. A few colleagues have shown interest, so now I have mine, I will be taking in to work to show them.

Once again thank you and a fantastic job.


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Satisfied customer: Owen’s Skilt brings joy to Scottish wife

The Skilt arrived swiftly and safely yesterday, so many thanks.

It is excellent – both in looks and quality.  With a Scottish wife, I was always treading dodgy ground by not going for a traditional kilt – however she expressed joyful surprise at the build quality and style of it (whilst I was always confident!).

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Satisfied customer: Justin’s Skilt is an awesome pleasure to wear

Hey Richard,

I’ve worn the kilt twice since it arrived an it’s awsome from top to bottom lol, what a beautifull garment.  The pockets are an absolute bonus an the amount of room in them is good, the silver buttons against the material looks every bit as good as the one worn by your model on your internet web site, and as for the material it feels good against the skin and hangs well.   I must say it was well recieved by friends an family and an absolute pleasure to wear.

I can only thank you for creating a truly beautifull garment.

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Satisfied customer: Joseph’s Skilt is cool and modern

Hi Richard

Thank you for you prompt dispatch. It’s a very cool and modern version of the traditional kilt. Shame I am not in Scotland as I would wear it more often…!

All the best


My reply was:

You’re welcome.  Glad you like it.  You don’t need to be in Scotland to wear a kilt! I suggest you take it for a walk this weekend and enjoy the admiration.